Restaurant Survival TIPS

Many of us have hectic lives between jobs, kids, school and just life!! I  always recommend  to make time to meal prep so your meals are ready to go. This will keep you from grabbing “whatever” and help to keep you on track and meet your fitness goals. But many times, most of us are so busy we  eat on the run,   so  I have put together a few TIPS that will keep you on track when ordering out in a restaurant.

— Choose  a restaurant that you know has good quality food choices  (chicken, fish, lean beef etc)

–Always order water or unsweetened tea, dont waste empty calories on a beverage

–Do not eat the entire meal, portions in restaurants are oversized there is no need to “clean your plate” BEST BET, ask the server to package half before they even bring it out

–Always ask how it is prepared and choose baked, broiled, or grilled.  Never order anything fried, even veggies.

–Always request no butter or oil. Most restaurants put it on EVERYTHING from meat and chicken to veggies. Skip it, its not worth the extra fat and calories.  BE SPECIFIC when ordering.

–If you order a salad always get some form of protein (salmon or chicken) and ask for dressing on the side, you will consume less. Also avoid creamy dressings, BEST BET oil and vinegar

–And the biggest one, Dessert. If you are with a group order one dessert and share it, have just a few bites instead of the entire dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.   It is ok to “cheat” occasionally, don’t make it a regular thing.  Most desserts have an entire days worth of calories with a ton of added sugar and fat.

It is up to you to make the best choice

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